For Smokers

Dear neighbors,

I’m not a smoker or vaper, but while making A Billion Lives I continued to hear stories of how young people started smoking and how hard it is to quit. For many folks, they can’t imagine a life without smoking. They need it.

Along comes a technology created by a smoker (Hon Lik), to help a smoker (himself) quit. It worked, but along the way it threatened trillions of dollars of revenue. Propaganda ensued. Prohibition begins. Shaming…again.

You’ve probably been told numerous times that vaping is as bad as smoking. That simply is not true. We’ve interviewed many of the world’s leading doctors and scientists. We’ve been told that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. Some have estimated up to 99% safer.


After our movie premiere in New Zealand, their government announced they would review their ban. They did extensive research and decided to legalize nicotine vapor products. It turns out we were right. The United Kingdom is now officially encouraging smokers there to switch.

So what now?

1) If you’re interested in getting more information on the history and fight for this life-saving technology, check out our film.  Here’s a link to get 10% off when you buy the movie.
2) Check out your local vape shop. They are usually run by former smokers who care. They can help you select a starter kit and a liquid that may help you quit smoking forever.
3) Sign up for our free email list here. There’s a big battle raging and we want to keep you updated.

Hope this helps,

Aaron Biebert
Director, A Billion Lives

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