Global Launch Day!


After my email last week, you responded strongly and organized a great launch day on October 26th! Very exciting!

Here’s what we have planned around the world:


New Zealand



6:30pm Adelaide, South Australia (14 left)
6:30pm Bundaberg, Queensland (7 left)


United Kingdom

8:30pm Glasgow (27 left)


United States

6:30pm Hollywood, CA
8:30pm Orlando, FL (Sold out!)
8:30pm Dallas, TX (Sold out!)
7:30pm Phoenix, AZ
8:00pm New York City (October 28th)


The Second Wave

People always ask “How can I help fight?”

I always responded: “We don’t need money, we just need you to help get the word out.”

Sadly, the launch showings above aren’t going to be enough to wake up the media and politicians. We need more, or they will dismiss this message as a “niche film”.

Thankfully, our supportive community is planning a second wave of theater showings and in the next couple days we have to demonstrate adequate demand for the movie (and our message) or they won’t be approved by the theaters.

I hate to ask, but it’s really important

In the US alone, there are about 70 screenings that can only happen if we get enough tickets reserved.Some only have a couple days left before the deadline so it can be shown before the US elections.

Click the map below to find one near you and buy some tickets.

Give them to a smoker.
Give them to a loved one.
Give them to your customers.
Give them to your doctor.
Give them to your media.
Give them to your politicians.

The theater is a safe place for the community to learn. This is our best chance at making an impact.


Click here to see available US showings

There are about 30 more in the other three countries below. Please help spread the word about the showing near you, buy tickets, or organize a showing in your city if there isn’t one.

Ask me if you need help.

We’re only going to get one chance at this. The media is watching. The politicians are watching.

Now’s our chance.



Potential United Kingdom Showings

Odeon Cinemas through Demand.Film is bringing you a special message from our team before each showing.

Please purchase tickets below and show Odeon that their choice to support our life-saving movie was a good investment.

12 Days Remaining

7 Nov at 8:30pm  Bristol, Gloucestershire
14 Nov at 6:00pm Belfast, Northern Ireland
16 Nov at 6:00pm London
16 Nov at 6:00pm Hatfield, Hertfordshire
23 Nov at 6:00pm Swansea, Glamorgan

Not in your city?

Bring it to your city (risk free) and we’ll give you 5% back to give to an advocacy organization of your choice.


Potential Australia Showings

13 Days Remaining

6 Nov at 4:00pm Launceston, Tasmania
9 Nov at 6:30pm Hornsby, New South Wales (Sydney)
9 Nov at 6:30pm Parramatta, New South Wales (Sydney)
9 Nov at 6:30pm Sydney, New South Wales
16 Nov at 6:30pm Taylors Lakes, Victoria (Melbourne)

Not in your city?

Bring it to your city (risk free) and we’ll give you 5% back to give to an advocacy organization of your choice.

If we’re going to win this battle, now’s the time to help us make news. We’re close, but need to get all these screenings approved.

Thanks for fighting with us!

Aaron & the crew


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