Censorship of A Billion Lives

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A Billion Lives - You Did It

As damaging bans and restrictions on safer smoking alternatives become law all over the planet, a billion people proceed to die from smoking. It’s a very emotional time.

I look into the eyes of my new friends around the world and I see sadness.

I see frustration.
I see fear.
I see anger.

I also see hope.


This week, you didn’t give up. You fought back. You told Facebook you weren’t going
to stand for censorship of a film.

– CASAA shared the story
– A petition was started
– Articles were written
– You changed your pictures & names
– You shared the story 1000’s of times
– 100,000 people woke up

I’m proud to announce that Facebook has reversed their position. Our ads are no longer censored.

You did it.

That’s not all we’re going to do. This is just the beginning.

It was inspiring to see all the support we’ve received, but now it’s time for me to get back into the editing room and finish the film. It’s getting close. Then, we’re going to drop this bomb, end this war, and save hundreds of million of lives. Together.

Thank you for caring,

– Aaron Biebert & the team

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