Teaser Trailer “You Are Being Lied To”

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming film!

It will premiere in early 2016 and be in theaters mid-year.

The truth is coming.

A billion people are projected to die this century from smoking and there’s a solution. It’s not a perfect one, but it will save lives by reducing the harm caused from cigarettes by switching smokers to vaping nicotine. Unfortunately, there are big players with vested interests in keeping this new technology away from the masses.

– Pharmaceutical Companies (Big Pharma)
– Anti-smoking advocacy groups
– Tobacco companies
– Even our own national & state governments

Join us for the journey across four continents to seek the truth and discover why something that can save so many lives is banned or discouraged in so many countries.

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Learn more about the statistic that 165,000 kids die each year from second hand smoke:

Learn more about the statistic of a billion deaths predicted this century:

Despite all this death and suffering, money continues to play a big part in maintaining the status quo. Cigarette sales are profitable not only for Big Tobacco, but also to Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Charity.

Truth is coming. 2016

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  • RobC(UK)

    Rather than appeasing Tobacco Users Groups by removing the SHS data, can you not just re-shoot with “Health Authorities claim…”

    • We’re not going to appease anyone, no matter how much they complain. Period.

      It’s only a teaser and we’ve cited the commonly used sources where we got the stats from in the video description and on our blog post. We feel it’s obvious that health authorities claim it, because that’s where all media (including ourselves) get our information from.

      The bottom line is that people are harmed by cigarettes. Pro-smoking groups can debate the numbers all day, but we’re really more focused on helping the vast majority of smokers who’d like to quit.

  • Ron

    I hope this opens the eyes of millions of smokers and they make the switch to vaping.

  • Randall Carruthers

    Very much looking forward to this. Looking forward more, to the pots this will stir. Looking most forward to the undeniable truths it will shed, and the back-pedaling that so many organizations will be trying to do, and looking so rediculously stupid while doing so.

  • Peter Maloney

    I just stumbled upon this and I am really looking forward to seeing the documentary when it comes out. The movement to treat vaping the same as cigarette smoking is an absolute tragedy and there are failures on all sides (government, big tobacco, and the vaping industry).

    How did we go from discovering what I truly believe is at worst a slightly unhealthy alternative to smoking to vilifying it and enacting legislation to encourage smoking over vaping?

    A billion lives are indeed in the balance (mine included).

    When will the documentary be released?

  • Voluptuous EJuice

    When is the release date? Now is a perfect time with what the FDA just did in the US to prove them all frauds.

  • Cristian Suarez

    I’m not advocating for myself. If vaping goes black market due to the FDA, I have enough products to last until the end of my days. I’m advocating for someone that doesn’t. I got an amazing opportunity to stop smoking analogs. I’m advocating for the millions that won’t. I know how to make my juice and coils, and will never need to depend on government approval for a product to keep me smoke free. But I’m advocating for someone who can’t.

  • Paul Azadian

    Can’t wait to see this.
    If anything in the history of everything deserves to go viral, it’s this.

    It’s gonna happen!

  • Nick Danger

    Thank you!! I started vaping (and stopped smoking) about six years ago. For years I’ve been a small voice advocating for vaping competing against a cacophony of ignorance and misinformation. This film is sorely needed, and provides a foundation for us to begin to fight back in against nanny government overreach in a meaningful way. You have performed a great public service. Again, THANK YOU!!

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