Aaron Biebert on The Herman Cain Show

After seeing the movie at our big North American Premiere at the Historic Pabst Theater, Herman Cain invited director Aaron Biebert to be a guest on his nationally syndicated radio show.

The truth is spreading…

  • Charles Ploski

    I had the unique honor of attending the premiere of this film on August 6th. First off: I would like to thank the good people of Milwaukee: your city oozes hospitality! As a lover of beer AND cheese, I have no excuse for not having visited sooner. Kudos to the producers for having chosen their hometown for the film’s North American debut. The Pabst Theater is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Its modern amenities seamlessly compliment its 19th century charm.

    The film’s star is David Goerlitz. David captured the audience’s attention, recalling his tenure as the “Winston Man” in the 1980’s. David explains, in a very clear, concise and unrehearsed manner, the methods and tactics historically used by tobacco companies to attract young people to their deadly products.

    The film’s narrator and director, Aaron Biebert, moves the story along with the calm and reasoned demeanor you would expect from a good ole’ Midwestern boy. As he explains in the film, he never really gave vapers a second thought until he began work on this project. Like many people, he saw smokers as being responsible for their habit and felt little sympathy for those whom he perceived as simply “unwilling” to quit smoking. Aaron details how his research for this film changed his mind about his preconceptions and led him to view smokers for what they are: victims. Most of us begin smoking as teens or even PRE-teens: far too young to make informed decisions about a deadly habit and long since addicted, once they’re old enough to understand the consequences.

    There is nothing conspiratorial described in this film. The symbiotic relationship between tobacco companies, government agencies and state budgets dependent upon tobacco profits vis a vis the Master Settlement Agreement, is clearly demonstrated, fully documented and quite notorious. There was no need for back room deals between shadowy figures: everything described in the film was done openly, albeit under what were often false pretenses.

    This film will appeal not only to anyone who smokes or has lost a loved one to smoking, but everyone else, as well. The non-smoker/non-vaper will be left questioning the motives of the government agencies charged with protecting public health and safety.

    In short, A Billion Lives is a wake up call. It demonstrates the dangers of big government and regulatory over reach that permeate the American beuracracy. It is a warning of epic proportions and is relevant to the life of EVERY American. Once exposed to the masses, it is quite likely that, during the 21st century, this historical masterpiece by Aaron Biebert and his team at Attention Era Media will be responsible for saving A Billion Lives.


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