Looking to discus the film? Comment below.

  • Hey everyone! We’re getting closer to formally announcing the film. Subscribe to the email list at the top and stay tuned! This is gonna get interesting.

  • Jennifer Day

    Looks GREAT! I can’t wait for more!

  • Phil

    This should be quite interesting, looking forward to it!

    • Thank you Phil! It will definitely be interesting, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚

  • vernsvapes

    thank you for making film like this. The vaping community needs strong voices

    • Hopefully we can give the little guys a loud voice. It’s about time.


    Kudos to everyone’s involvement in this project, Looking forward and thank you!

    • We’re looking forward to showing it to you. We’re very excited.

  • Debbie McCracken Slaunwhite

    I can’t wait! Hopefully your documentary will blow the lid off of a movement that I never knew existed until I quit smoking and started vaping (on the same day).

  • Tom B.

    Well I hope it goes good for you because I can say that vape saved my life πŸ™‚ 213 days ago I got my first one and have not looked back one time after 41 years of smoking.

    • Wow Tom, congrats on ending 41 years of smoking. That’s really great to hear.

  • Charlene Davidson Reeder

    My son quit smoking because of the option to vape. He’s now a sales rep for a local vape juice manufacturer. I am grateful that this option was available to him, but I would love to know the unbiased truth about vaping. I already know what smoking cigarettes can do. I’m hoping this film will be honest in it’s quest for the truth.
    Did he give up one poison to replace it with another?

    • Hi Charlene,

      You won’t have to take our word for it. We’re going to tackle the tough topics through leading health experts around the world. Former head of the World Medical Association, former tobacco policy leader at the World Health Organization, doctors, and a bunch of others will help us tell the story in an honest and helpful way.

      Spoiler Alert: Vaping is definitely safer than smoking. Rest easy. Wait to see our film.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Glen Appleton

    Thank you for taking on this project, and I can’t wait to see the film!

    • You’re very welcome Glen! We all appreciate the support.

  • J Ervin Bates

    Provided this film is FACT-BASED and solid on all sides, I could see it making a major difference in educating potential vapers as well as those who do not vape or smoke. I truly hope that the film highlights some of our Healthcare workers who support vaping as a means of THR and smoking cessation.

    • This will be very fact-based. We know there’s too much at stake. We’ve traveled the Earth interviewing the best doctors, scientists, and health leaders out there.

  • Ellis Toler

    I think it’s great that this film is being made. I’m in my 20s and used to smoke but now am happily vaping and have been without analog cigarettes for about 4 years because of vaping. My mother is of the opinion that vaping is just as bad regardless of what i say so if the truth of this subject were to be fully exposed it would improve our relationship and let her rest easy knowing that im not killing myself slowly like i was before.

    • That’s one of the goals of the film, to educate non-vapers about what’s going on. As a non-vaper myself, I hope our neutral approach to the facts will encourage your mother to give it another look. All of our research is pointing to vaping being a major health advancement for smokers.

  • Stuart StuFog Glendinning

    Vaping has saved not just my life but the life of my mother my daughter and my best friend and no doubt millions of others just like us !! I can’t wait for the release of this film and sincerely hope it sets the truth free and blows a multi billion multi conglomerate death business to pieces
    Vape on ✌

    • Glad to hear it! We will definitely set truth free. That’s no doubt.

      Hopefully the world is ready.

  • charlie

    I like to post on news stories and use disqus a lot. Some of my points,

    I wish ecigs had been around when I was a kid.

    Parents should decide if their kids can posess ecigs off school property.

    How come laws banning possesson of tobacco by minors are never enforced anywhere ever? Government should not have the authority to restrict access to ecigs until they enforce laws on the books restricting possession by children. Otherwise they look like drug dealers protecting their business.

    Where are the reports of doctors treating illnesses caused by using ecigs?

    The inventor of the modern ecig should be considered for the Nobel prize in medicine.

    How can government say they are trying to discourage tobacco use while they allow it to be sold in every gas station, convenience store, grocery store and most pharmacies?

    Because of the huge tax revenues involved governments have a conflict of interest with ecigs. They should either abolish excise taxes in tobacco or butt out of ecig decisions.

    The gateway claims are a joke. Smoking cost me $8 a day. Vapying costs me $1 a day and will go down to 25 cents when I start DIY. Ecig flavors make cigarettes taste awful. A kid who tries vaping before he tries smoking will find smoking a rather unpleasant experience. What the government folks don’t get is tobacco isn’t just out of date, it’s obsolete.

    Thanks for making a documentary about all this.

    • Hey Charlie! Great thoughts!

      There’s definitely a lot of conflicts of interest related to tobacco and vaping. We’re going to tackle that head on. Hopefully it helps put some of the discussions to bed.

      Also, thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot to all of us.

  • Amy Holt Pauley

    2 1/2 years smoke free thanks to vaping! Really hope this film comes to Tucson. We have a huge vape community here. Many thanks for making this film!

    • Glad to hear it Amy! Tucson sounds good. We’ll have to work together once it gets closer.

  • Petcha VapeWise Charity

    Can’t wait! We’re in Los Angeles, but recommended for Virginia Beach , VA too. Largest city in Virginia.

    • The film will play in LA for sure. Hopefully Virgina Beach too. We’ll be visiting there in a couple weeks.

  • Can’t wait to see the film. Great to see such enthusiasm and a tangible effort at getting the word out. Right on.

    • Thank you! It’ll be an interesting story, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚

  • Ticklemestupid

    All facebook did was make you guys BLOW UP like the clouds that come out of my RDA, more people know about your project then ever now. I personally can not wait to see the film, thank you for doing this.

    • Yes, the outpouring of support has been amazing and somewhat unexpected for a small indie documentary film. Thanks for joining the fight. We think it’s vital.

  • Sn@tch

    Cant wait to see, there is so many fools and dont see the truth. Its ok to share the trailer?

  • Sn@tch

    Greets from swiss…go on πŸ™‚

    • Sali! Wie goots?

      • Sn@tch

        Salut Aaron, bisch du vor Schwiz?

  • Hey Aaron, When will we be able to get A Billion Live Merchandise? πŸ˜€ I seriously want a hoodie and a t-shirt and bumper stickers πŸ˜›

    • Andrew Summerfield

      T-Shirt , just became available.

      • Yes, it looks like some t-shirts are available for a limited time. Not sure about future stuff. It probably depends on how demanding you all are. πŸ˜‰

        • Andrew Summerfield

          Have a look at a post I put on your FB page , just a small request about the film πŸ˜‰

        • Hi Aaron,
          I want to promote your movie in the Netherlands and distribute merchandise..
          T-Shirts caps etc.. through my resellers. And sell these.. All profit goes to a non profit organisation…

        • IMSiegfried

          Here’s a link to A Billion Lives, tee-shirts, etc. http://newd-clothing-company.myshopify.com/collections/a-billion-lives

      • Colin

        How and where can I get one please?

  • Chuck Huff

    As the owner of a vape website and soon a retail location I am very concerned about the future of this industry. We all should be aware of what we’re going up against:

    1.) Pharmaceutical Companies – stand to lose billions of dollars once vaping becomes mainstream

    2.) State Government – stand to lose millions or even billions of dollars of tax revenue and will move to replace that revenue with taxes which may be higher than those on tobacco products.

    3.) Tobacco companies that have not entered into the vape industry at least publically.

    4.) Private businesses that provide tobacco products to their retail customers.

    That being said, in my opinion it’s not just about the question of whether or not vaping is safe but who stands to lose the most money by not embracing the industry.

    This article goes into great detail regarding the ties between Pharmaceutical and Tobacco companies and was published by the “American Medical Association” in 2002.


    Thank you

    • Looks like you’re going to enjoy our film then. We have a similar understanding of the shameful situation.

  • Andrew Summerfield

    Can’t wait for the Teaser

  • Usedtobeadriver

    When exactly is this coming out? With the pending FDA regulation, I was hoping it was something we could show them “before” they pass whatever they are going to pass. I was hoping this year… As it looks like they may do it before the year ends.

    • Very complicated process of editing, feedback, editing, meetings, editing, distribution plans, editing. Almost done.

      We didn’t leave you guys hanging. I went to the White House OMB to give a speech.


  • Lord Mage

    i can not wait to see the film as a long time vaper #improof

    • We’re pretty pumped for you to see it. πŸ™‚

  • Andrew Summerfield

    Great video from Regulator Watch , keep it going as much as you can.

  • Keith Parker

    This is SOOO needed. In the last three years the public has gone from ignorant to hostile based on lies. We need a clear and loud voice to be heard above the din of misinformation. If the trailers are any indication of the final film, this could be just the voice. Subscribed and excited! Thank you!!!!

    • Yes, we’re seeing some hostility too. It’s very sad.

      We will keep pushing for the public to respect smokers who are trying to save their lives. Hang in there.

  • Mark Timblin

    After a 45 year love affair with ANYTHING tobacco related, I quit ciggarettes 20 years ago, cigars around 6 years ago, but snuff, dip, smokeless tobacco held its grip the longest. Just a pinch between your cheek and gum…how many remember that catch phrase? Well I took it to heart, and it kept its grip on me for like I said 45 years. Now here we are its almost 2016 nd come the 23rd of January it will mark 2 years since I have had ANY tobacco products! Vaping has saved me from a fate worse than death, I didn’t want half my face to rot from oral cancer or any number of other mouth diseases from smokeless tobacco. I am SO looking forward to this film, and I will be telling ALL friends and foes of vaping that they REALLY need to see this film. Thank you thank you for taking on this project, it is long past due. Most of us vapers at least know a little bit of the truth about Big T, Big Pharma,the FDA, our own government lying to us and everybody about this safer than smoking,dipping alternative. Will be waiting with mod in hand for the film.

    • There is so much misinformation out there. Makes me sad. All they’re doing is stoking fear and getting people to make uneducated choices.

      Hopefully our film will help with that. Thanks for the support.

      • Mark Timblin

        I agree, I see now at our local mall because some “old” people bitched that there are those people “smoking” in the mall. No its not smoking its vaping, it is NOT smoke but water vapor that I exhale. So no because of misinformation, no information, out right lies, misconceptions by others, need I go on. Its a vicious cycle, and unless something gets done and soon, those that are in power be it local, state, federal, we are gonna get screwed so bad, its gonna be like the 1920’s and the speakeasies only instead of booze its gonna be regulated and unregulated, mechanical mods, sub tanks and drippers, e juice by the gallon. I have a friend who has a vape shop, sells mostly premium ejuice that he and his wife make in a clean room, he has already said that he would be selling his juice out of his car or in his back yard, wherever if the federal regulations get out of hand. So far they haven’t gone totally whacked out, but what is yet to come. Maybe I’ll hear something at the Orlando Vapor Show towards the end of this month. Doubtful, but ya never know might hear some interesting tidbits of information come along. Peace, long life, I’m awaiting the show, when is it coming out again? Be well, stay safe, God bless and VAPE ON!

  • Nick

    Will the movie be translated in german, too?

    • Only if a lot of Germans are interested in the film. Right now we’re seeing a lot of friendly faces in Germany. I could see it happening.

  • Keli Embrey

    I’m very excited about this but growing concerned whether or not it’s coming together. Hasn’t anything happened since the last post 7 months ago??

    • The film is coming together really well.

      The blog is only for big updates. We tweet at least 100 times per day. πŸ™‚ We’re still waiting on the biggest update…the release date(s).

      • Funkmonkey

        Once the cinematic release is done. Please make this available digitally via Youtube etc. I want to be able to share this via Social Media and get the word out. If not the full theatrical version then a hard hitting 5 minutes with the salient facts and something that can be used to really make people take notice. Like you I am fed up of the lies, the aggression that I meet with on the street from those who have swallowed them and the fact that I feel like some conspiracy nut every time I try and explain to people that they are being lied to.

  • Kathy D

    The Vancouver Film Festival, One Of The Largest Film Festivals in North America

    • I LOOOOOOOVE Vancouver. One of the best cities in the world. We’ll see if they’re interested.

  • Lee Anderson

    just saw you guys on plumes. It’s important to get the truth out there. Currently vapers are constantly fighting a slew of misinformation and down right lies and, no matter what we do, we struggle to fight the big boys with their deep pockets. I truly hope this goes worldwide and people start to listen. After all its not just about the vaping revolution its about how the powers that be will let people die just to earn the all mighty buck. I’m looking forward to seeing the flim and will be making sure everyone hears about it.

    • With your help, this film can definitely change the world. It’s about time. I’m sick of the lies.

  • Ardo SΓΆΓΆnurm

    The trailer feels straight out of Sundance. Expectations are running high. Thank you for doing this.

    • That’s a very kind comment. Thank you.

      We feel the weight. This is a BIG topic. We’re confident we can deliver something powerful. πŸ™‚

  • Jim

    Looking forward to this documentary.

    If there are any people proficient on wikipedia.org, it would be nice to get a page created on there for the documentary. I submitted the film to the “request a page” section of wikipedia, but who knows how long it would take for an editor to pick up the project(there is tons of pages requested)

    • We just tweeted about it. That’s a great idea.

      • Jim

        Do I have permission to use the “A Billion Lives” logo, and some content from the site?

    • Rob Heyes

      Certain Wiki editors will probably try to claim the film is a drug delivery device or at least falls in the medical category. Just ask Fergus Mason about that!

      • Jim

        I would at least like to attempt to get a page up.

        Are you saying that the page will get deleted right away?

        If nobody else want to get try, I’m going to give it a shot, I just don’t want it to be too vague and get deleted.

        • Rob Heyes

          You may be lucky and be able to avoid those idiots. But definitely keep a close eye on the page

  • Racquel Dckson

    Can’t wait for tomorrow to get here already!!! πŸ˜€

  • Alisha Hope Vandiver

    Will this be playing in theaters in the US? & when! As a vape shop owner, I am so thankful that someone finally decided to take this on!

  • Damo

    Hey Aaron and the Billion Lives crew, is there anywhere in Australia we can purchase tshirts/hats, etc? Would be great if we could especially since A Billion lives got a gig at the Melbourne Doco Festival!! πŸ˜€

  • Funkmonkey

    I think its fantastic that you are making this film. Well done I have written to my MP and MEP’s and their replies (if they bothered) are laughable and show that a) They did not even read my letters properly and b) they do not understand nor it seems care to understand the nuances and effects of the TPD.

    This has led me to a couple of thoughts around some activism that might be useful and focused.

    1) Share all the replies from MP’s showing their lack of knowledge it would be good to name and shame and share their responses. Thoughts, or is this shooting ourselves in the foot as we do need their support ultimately.

    2) It would be really good if we could understand exactly which pharmaceutical companies have funded lobbyists for FDA regulations in USA and TDP regulation in the EU. I would love to be able to show the causal link between Company e.g. Johnson &Johnson who own the nicorette brand, what anti e-cigarette lobbying they have funded and how much they have funded. Start to make real the corruption. If you are already doing this in the film then great, if not can we get this organized and start to put real numbers against this so we don’t just look like conspiracy theorists.

    I also think having a list of Pharmaceutical companies who are doing this would be valuable, in the example above J&J if it turns out they have funded lobbying and smear campaigns against e-cigs, they go on the list and then all vapers can Boycott their other products lets hit them where it hurts.

    Lets face it thanks to vaping we are already effectively boycotting the cigarette companies, might as well go the whole hog πŸ™‚

  • AquaMan Reggie

    I was glad to see you appear on The Paul Henry Show in New Zealand two days ago to raise awareness for your documentary; full credits to you and your team! Vaping has been my saving grace as a long term smoker from age 13, I began to vape 6 months ago at age 52, with the goal to stop smoking 50g tobacco pouches every week for the past 29-30 years. I tried everything out there without success…until I was shown the vaping kitsets here in New Zealand. I had two relapses where I either ran out of e-juice, or my battery’s went flat when I first began to vape. I’ve sorted this out by having extra gear as I go about my truck & trailer routines making deliveries. My doctor, my family, my friends, and everyone around me are in awe at the success I am having with my goal to stop smoking. Personally speaking, I am also in awe at what is going on. I don’t know what all the data is out there with vaping v ciggies etc…I only know that this is absolutely working for me after years of trying many other systems to stop smoking analogue cigarettes; the digital cigarette is absolutely the best starting point I have ever trialed in all my days on planet earth. I can finally have a true conversation with all the negative people around here with their down-righteous opinions on smokers anytime. Thank you for taking this project on and being open to public opinion , this has been a long time overdue with so much conflicting data to and fro, well done team.

  • Rob Heyes

    I’m wondering what the chances are of getting A Billion Lives shown to the House of Lords and possibly the House of Commons. There’s a vote coming up soonish (date to be confirmed – maybe 1st June?) that could annul the UK’s implementation of the TPD. There’s a petition to support it https://www.change.org/p/david-cameron-mp-support-parliamentary-moves-to-block-crazy-e-cigarette-regulations?recruiter=227535661

  • Allan Wong

    Your movie has deeply inspired us here in Alberta Canada. We are working closely with the government here and they have actually been very receptive. Everyday, it is inspiring that people are making the switch to vaping and helping people do that is gratifying beyond words. Thank you Aaron and team for the most important message in vaping history. I hope it will come to Canada soon.

  • Dal Schnur

    I know FB is the Hot ticket, but when you get time – Aaron – Post an update here for those searching!

    Great to have you on Speaking out for us! Bless you.

  • Dan

    Where can I buy the DVD??

  • Hizamie Omar

    Please premiere A Billion Lives in Malaysia, we all need this film to show Malaysia Health Organization and our Government to approve Vaping in Malaysia as one of the solution to stop smoking. Sorry for my bad English.

  • Kristinn Gunnarsson

    is there any chans that you are going to com to iceland?

  • Endyr

    The pharmaceutical-government conglomerate is winning this fight. My open enrollment instructions just arrived yesterday for 2017 and we are now being forced to disclose vaping as tobacco use and being surcharged on our health care plans the same is if we were smokers.

    • Kevin

      I would lie. Health care isn’t going to know you vape unless you tell them. It’s not like smoker’s lung is going to give it away.

  • Richard Daylin

    Amazing time at the Hollywood Premier. A Billion Lives is an important film that needs to be seeing by everyone even if they do not vape. It gives a glimpse into the corruption of nation states who profit greatly on the backs of the human species as a whole.

  • Kevin

    Sadly this video is not coming to Terre Haute Indiana. I would bet the movie would sell out here because every vaper I know here wants to see it. I have been promoting it like crazy on my Facebook page in hopes it would come here.

  • Trench

    Any word on the DVD release date? Any chance of getting a special copy to the Trump administration and Neal Boortz (this guy needs to recognize what he’s fighting.)

  • Fr. Jack Kearney

    Great film! Looking forward to buying the blu-ray. I know you are only selling in quantity to dealers; hope you post a list of them when they become available.

  • David McBlitzen

    What a pitty, now the movie is out of sight. Why I can’t buy/ stream/ watch it nowhere. Is the producer bankrupty or supressed by something? Strange. No information available.

  • InspectorVape

    Here is a updated look a the fda laws and regulations and the tpd: https://vapingscout.com/vaping-news/vaping-laws-and-regulations/

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