Censorship of A Billion Lives

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A Billion Lives - You Did It

As damaging bans and restrictions on safer smoking alternatives become law all over the planet, a billion people proceed to die from smoking. It’s a very emotional time.

I look into the eyes of my new friends around the world and I see sadness.

I see frustration.
I see fear.
I see anger.

I also see hope.


This week, you didn’t give up. You fought back. You told Facebook you weren’t going
to stand for censorship of a film.

– CASAA shared the story
– A petition was started
– Articles were written
– You changed your pictures & names
– You shared the story 1000’s of times
– 100,000 people woke up

I’m proud to announce that Facebook has reversed their position. Our ads are no longer censored.

You did it.

That’s not all we’re going to do. This is just the beginning.

It was inspiring to see all the support we’ve received, but now it’s time for me to get back into the editing room and finish the film. It’s getting close. Then, we’re going to drop this bomb, end this war, and save hundreds of million of lives. Together.

Thank you for caring,

– Aaron Biebert & the team

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  • Melody Chard

    I’m over the Moon Happy to see that united we really can make a difference. Such awesome news to get on a Friday after a long and frustrating week. I think We All Rock!!!!! Especially #ABillionLives for making this film in the first place and giving us more reason to fight for our rights & Never Surrender.

    • Melody, you definitely rock. There’s no doubt about that.

      Long week. Great news. Enjoy your weekend! Cheers!

  • Mark Magenis

    Brilliant, a taste of bigger things we all hope

    • Yes, hopefully! Thanks for all the great work you’ve been doing. It’s appreciated.

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  • Norman

    Well done to everyone for showing strength and good luck with a billion lives, I for one are bored with their billion lies!

  • Greg Ivey

    Great job guys. It’s great to see the vape community unite and make a change. One battle won but the war continues. I can’t wait to see the film.

    • All movements that are backed by truth and science benefit from a united front. It was great to see the united community. It was great to see victory.

  • Chris hemenway

    this is a great thing I’m so glad its gonna happen can’t wait to see it!!!!

  • Mariah Petra Johnson

    Can you say VICTORY? Now let it spread EVERYWHERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Michael

    Thank god, A few thousand goverment people cant lie to billions and aren’t god so they shouldn’t play that role and lie because it kills. That actually makes me tear up, even if I was never a hardcore smoker, but I haven’t had a cigg since I started and I think millions more can too!

    • Yes, we will hold them accountable. It’s shocking how bad it’s gotten.

  • Boyd Brereton

    I feel so lucky to be around at this point in time . Smoking killed my grandmother ,But it won’t take any one else I love . I got my mother my step son and myself off smoking by vaping .

    • That’s great to hear. Hopefully it can be saved for future generations.

  • Ben

    @Biebert:disqus Thank you and your team for all you have done, are doing, shall do. I’m user MorelyMagicMist at EFC. My wife who in showing her love told me I had to give up tobacco. She got me to swap over to vaping.

    Her motivations were selfish. “I want you to stick around longer, for me and for our kids”, she told me. ECF provides a lot of great information and a great sense of being part of the larger world.

    That is where I run across this video. I see here you’re confronting Facebook and winning. 🙂 Wow! Let us all keep at it. Who knows we may save lives, or something important. 🙂

  • dragonfly

    I cannot thank you enough for your efforts. You are an inspiration. An olive branch in a time when uncertainty is looming overhead.

  • Jason Cunniffe

    WOW you are the man, thank you so much been a vaper for 3 years now smoke for over 25 years feel great because of vaping, change my life. we stand together forever

  • C gordon

    My husband and I both quit in under a week thanks to vaping. Myself after 40 yr’s of smoking, and my husband after 35. This has truly been a life saver. I really appreciate everything you are doing to spread the word. Thank you.

  • PSiKoTiC

    I cannot find for the life of me on your webpage how to subscribe on your webpage to the mailing list. It claims ‘type in your email at the top of the page’ top of the page.. no fields to input my email address and no ‘obvious’ links that I can find to subscribe.

    • PSiKoTiC

      Note: I found the link at the top of this page.. I speak of your landing page for

    • The Vaping Cave

      It should be there

  • JimD

    I’m from Australia, I sell Vape products, and I LOVE what you are doing. The media in our country is nothing short of disgustingly corrupt and someone needs to make a stand. For example – the day that studies were released in UK stating that e-cigs were at least 20 times healthier than cigarettes and the UK prime minister announced he backed e-cigs. That did not make news in Australia, but the very same day I was watching a popular morning show who were bashing e-cigs, (as usual here) and saw with my own eyes, a member of Cancer Council speaking. He said some words along the lines of “we just dont know anything about them, as there hasn’t been any research on these things” I was disgusted with these pathetic lies. Don’t you think this twit would do some research before spreading this garbage on national TV, even a quick google search would suffice? Then I started thinking, I bet they get most of their funding from big pharma. It got me thinking anyway. A few days later I saw another e-cig bashing report on Australian TV. But the UK story never made the news, never made the newspapers, never got a mention that I know of in this country, at all. Its a one sided argument in our country and at the moment it feels like any publicity about e-cigs here is bad publicity, and just promotes more e-cig bashing. None of which is based on facts or actual studies. I have never seen anything positive about e-cigs in Australian media, it just needs to change. I could go on all day, and provide many more examples but I’m sure you all get the point. We need to save these lives. Thank you so much for your fantastic work, you are truly lifesavers and I cant wait to see your movie.

    • Lynz Chbrs


      So true

      Ive gone further and contacted these organizations!! What a joke.

      They make themselves look like the fools that they are.

      “We dont want to normalise smoking or products that mimic them”
      “Theres no good research”

      It saved my life I say, ” thats nice is the response”
      I respond yes I understand that my statements are anecdotal.
      However noone is listening.
      But why won’t you support vaping? “We don’t want to normalise products that mimic smoking”.
      I can go down the street and buy tobacco now, I answer (can you guess the answer?)

      We dont want to normalise blah blah blah
      And around it goes.

      The cancer council in Australia is an ass, i wonder where their funding comes from?

      COPD (Emphysema ) proven by ct scan, recommended supplemental oxygen, pumped full of cortisone.

      Took up Vaping have not looked back.

      Get on board people please

      • “We don’t want to normalise products that mimic smoking.”

        I’ll believe that when I hear it from someone who is working at least as hard to ban cigarettes as they’re working to ban vaping.

  • This is good news!!!

  • Topher Kent

    Facebook is censoring again. They just denied my local A Billion Lives screening ad.

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