North American Premiere Highlights

Posted by Baxter Colburn on August 30, 2016  /   1 Comment

Our North American Premiere took place August 6th at the historic Pabst Theater in downtown Milwaukee. Check out how 1,400 people enjoyed A Billion Lives for the first time.


Aaron Biebert on The Herman Cain Show

Posted by Biebert on August 11, 2016  /   3 Comments

After seeing the movie at our big North American Premiere at the Historic Pabst Theater, Herman Cain invited director Aaron Biebert to be a guest on his nationally syndicated radio show. The truth is spreading…

You Are Being Lied To - A Billion Lives - Vaping Documentary Movie Trailer

Teaser Trailer “You Are Being Lied To”

Posted by Biebert on November 23, 2015  /   9 Comments

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming film! It will premiere in early 2016 and be in theaters mid-year. The truth is coming. A billion people are projected to die this century from smoking and …