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–“A Billion Lives” Documentary Receives Best Director and

Supreme Jury Prize Awards at Documentary Festival in Australia–

Aug. ________, 2016, Los Angeles, CA–  U.S. filmmaker Aaron Biebert received the Supreme Jury Prize and Best Director Honors at the 2016 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival for his feature “A Billion Lives”.   The film, a production of Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Attention Era Media, swept the top two honors in July in Australia.

In the award-winning documentary, Biebert ignites controversy by exposing how pharmaceutical companies, anti-smoking advocacy groups, tobacco companies, and even US state and federal governments are to blame for the disinformation, over-regulation, and banning of e-cigarettes and vapor technology worldwide–despite the fact that this technology is helping millions to safely stop their addiction to cigarettes.

Over 40 million people worldwide are currently using vapor technology, with many employing it as a means to successfully quit smoking. But, as the film argues, with billions in profits and taxes at stake, corporate conglomerates, and the governments they benefit, have created a multi-pronged campaign to poison the global population’s attitude against the use of this innovative technology in an attempt to crush the potentially life-saving emergence of a smoke-free, prescription-free, alternative. These acts, in essence, are sentencing a billion people to die needlessly from cigarettes in this century, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), by withholding a low cost, successful substitute.

In the film, first-time director and Executive Producer, Biebert, travels across four continents to discover why a device that can save so many lives is maligned and discredited in so many countries. Throughout his journey, Biebert discovers the hidden facts behind the vaping industry, and exposes the governmental forces that are intent on destroying it.

The film made its’ North American Premiere in Aug. 2016 and is scheduled to premiere in Paris, France, on Sept. 11 and on Sept. 16, 2016, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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