We just announced our new film to a world hungry for truth. It’s also a world hungry for ways to save the lives of over 1.6 billion smokers who will die this century. A billion lives cannot be ignored.

We want you to be a part of our journey, so check out the announcement teaser and sign up for updates.


  • VapeKrazy

    So looking forward to the film. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

    • Glad to hear it. We’re excited to show it to you.

  • Andy Morrison

    Aaron, this is quite simply fantastic. My emotions are running high just at the trailer alone. Our paid opponents should be quaking in their boots by now. Thank you so much for this !

    • Thanks Andy! It is a very emotional topic. We’re very excited to present the topic and shine some light on it. It’s about time…

  • Celina Alyse

    Hi Aaron,

    I believe that your hopes to “shine some light” will be heard and respected by audiences we, as an industry, have yet to really connect with for one simple reason – you yourself, don’t vape. (At least I believe that to be the case based on what I’ve read elsewhere. hah!) That being said, kudos for taking the subject on, I’m excited to see what’s to come with this!

    Celina Tompkins

    • Hi Celina! You are correct, I’m not a vaper. I do think that will help, since my focus is more in reaching the public.

  • DrMA

    Can you give us some insight in what prompted you to pursue this project?

    • Honestly, it was largely a business decision that fit with our group’s mentality of helping people.

      A huge, untold story + a way to help people. It seemed like the perfect topic for our first feature film. As I got to know the people involved, it’s become much more emotional.

      • DrMA

        Thanks, Aaron. Your candidness is quite refreshing.

        • You’re very welcome sir. Thanks for all the support and kind words.

  • Gosport Vapourium

    I was one of a few listening to you speak at vapexpo and I had a tear in my eye at the end, can’t wait to see it 🙂

    • It’s an emotional topic. I hope the world will listen. Thanks for all the support.

  • Just wanted to say it again, I love you guys!

  • Justin Ballinas

    This is truly what the world needs to see.

  • David Hawley

    I want to say thank you for trying to bring the truth out. big tobacco is not done with the fight. through the years they built mansions and killed more folks then a common war. But at this point the surge to quit smoking with rising health cost and insurance premiums at high there is no choice but to find alternative healthy quitting programs or vaping. Im a smoker of 23 years and struggled through the pills, patches ect. it took me a long time to say I need to be done. it wasn’t that easy I vaped and smoked for about 6 months. An from 2 packs a smokes to 4 a day I finally said im done and just vaped. now from 24 mg to 3 mg of nic my next level is 1.5 then 0. the feeling of being able to smell and taste and not have to worry about stinking like a cig is something I couldn’t imagine 20 years ago. at this time its about the future and the future if not helped will be lost……thank you for your time Dave Hawley

    • Harry

      It’s been estimated that if all smokers quit smoking tomorrow the cost to our government would be 2 trillion dollars. That figure may be a tad too high, but the point is, with extortionate cigarette taxes, and with MSA and SCHIP payments, the plus to the exchequer smokers provide far exceeds any cost to governments in such as health care costs. Think about it, though I’m not trying to sell the idea that smoking is a patriotic act.

  • Keep up the good work.

  • #notblowingsmoke #vapingsavedmylife #casaa #tagsup #ABillionLives Thank You!

  • kay

    I just joined this site and am reading/watching everything. I’m a vaper since Oct.21,2009.

    I heard about this site thru ECF and just read a post in there about your organization and what you’re trying to do for the vaping millions.

    CASSA, bless them, is trying, but it’d going to take a LOT more than politeness…the general,public NEEDS to know the REAL truth about vaping, not the hogwash spouted by the organizations that stand to lose billions of dollars because we have , finally, found a way to be free of the heavily chemically infused tobacco cigarettes.

  • Nigel Holme

    When does this film get released – its needed yesterday!

  • Nigel Holme

    We are doing our bit in Penrith with the initial goal of helping 1000 people to transfer from Tobacco to Vaping. See our story here:

  • Kip Caven

    When will the whole documentary be released?

  • denver

    congratulation for this nice and useful initiative. One vapoteuse from FRANCE.

  • JD Alano

    This is awesome!! I’m a vaper from Sydney Australia and has been following the deeming regs in the US. Fantastic work!! Gudonya and to all of us!!

  • Karl_Snow

    Fantastic trailer, looking forward to your film. Need contact with you for a discussion with you further……/Karl Snae (Karl Snow)

  • dansus

    Looks good, cant wait to see it.

  • Jan Harris

    All I can say is way to go and THANK YOU!!!!

  • Paul O’Shea

    Really looking forward to seeing this. We opened Ireland’s first Vape Shop and every day have to answer question regarding news stories leading people to think vaping is no better than smoking. Well done.

  • Graham Scott

    Anyone who hasn’t cut back or quit smoking wouldn’t understand this but it’s nice to breath clearly again after 15 years. Not that I had trouble breathing before but 2 months has made a noticeable difference. Tests that show popcorn lung and PPM and other crap are done at crazy levels no one would ever vape at and in all but one case was still WAY lower then a cigarette. Sadly I had to find all this “research” on my own and compare. Glad to see someone putting it all into a movie that hopefully even non-vapers non-smokers will watch. I hate going to smoking zones and smokers back away from me! Or people look at us like we are doing drugs in a parking lot! LOL Sad but true.

  • Cody Clark

    I can’t wait to show this film to my children when I’m 50 and explain to them that the government didn’t want to save mine and billions of others lives.

  • PSiKoTiC

    What’s the time line for releasing the video/documentary? I believe this is a time sensitive thing and curious if this is going to be released at the end of the year.. past when the FDA regulations are in effect already? we have .. 80 days? maybe less? idk

  • AquaMan Reggie

    Absolutely brilliant work team! Finally the facts of the matter that governments could not be bothered to help their countries with…THANK YOU VERY MUCH ; >) I smoked analogue ciggies for 30 years hard, now I only smoke digital ciggies for the past 6 months…and declining with much joy in my family environment, cheers team 100% support here m8!

  • Bernard B.

    let’s the truth go on

  • Lori Switala

    Why can’t we see this movie in our home town? I’ve got local tv stations waiting for it to come here.

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